Model Help

Hello! I noticed I got really angry yesterday when my sister in law asked to use my phone to take pictures of her artwork. I see it’s my thoughts and I could really use some help on how to see this more clearly. Here are the two models that are running:

C- Sister in law texts “Could we do a photo shoot of some of my artwork while you are here? Your photos look so good with your new phone!”
T- Shes using me for my new phone to post her artwork.
F- Anger
A- Spin in my thoughts, get passive aggressive, not be honest with her
R- ???

C – “”
T- I should let her use it because she’s helped us out so much.
F- guilt
A- Text her Yes of Course but then spin in my thoughts, not be honest
R- ??

I go back and forth between I should let her use to no I shouldn’t and then my mind likes to add sentences like well I don’t have a good reason not to let her use it. I’m selfish. Etc. I’m making it mean that I’m selfish if I don’t which isn’t true. I feel resentment too because now I’m letting her use it with these models running. I just want to clean it up and feel good about my decision.

What are the results I’m creating in my models and what process can I go through to look at my reasons and like them?