Model Help

I need some assistance with my model please. One of my closet friends has decided to join scholars as a coach. She is not part of SCS yet. This is upon my suggestion. I Love her to bits and she will make a brilliant coach. However, when she told me, I was very sad and disappointed for myself. I just felt awful and upset with myself. I think I have deep inside wanted to see myself as a coach but I do not feel I am in any way shape or form ready yet. I have done models on this and need some assistance,
C – Friend going to become SCS Life Coach.
T – Oh no, it should be me as well. Wish it was me, why isn’t it me? Its not me because I am not good enough , not articulate enough, I can’t ever get my points, thoughts across to people. I don’t have the time that she does. I have other things to do, ……….Happy for her though.
F – Disappointed, sad, upset, (hard to choose just one).
A – Mope around, procrastinate, dont do the work, beat myself up.
R – Don’t achieve, Don’t move forward, Feel worse, give up.

Intentional Model:
C – Friend going to become SCS Life Coach.
T – Fantastic, we can learn together, talk about it, I have a comrade, this is going to be brilliant, she is soooo clever, motivated she has plenty of time.
F – Motivated, excited
A – Do more, achieve more, we can work together,
R – Move forward, do the work necessary, feel better, get it done, Maybe actually become a coach. Feel more positive about myself.

Thank you so much in advance.