Model help

Hi Brooke! Can I get some help with a model? I’ve recently moved to a new district and my kids are not registered for school. The options are (a) poor schools (b) schools with no vacancies (c) private schooling, expensive and quite far (d) homeschool. My model has been:
C – kids are not registered at any school
T – there’s no good solution, I don’t know what to do
F – anxious and discouraged
A – indecision
R – not registered anywhere – may loose places we can get if we wait too long

The R I want is “kids are registered at a great school”. Working back the model I did:

C – kids are not registered at any school
T – I will find a great schooling solution for my kids
F – optimistic and determined
A – massive action
R – kids are registered at a great school

The issue is – I have been working hard at this, revisiting and talking to all schools and I have still not found a solution I feel good about. The best option seems to be private schooling but then I’m committed to majorly increasing my income & I am not confident it’s worth the price tag. Is there anything you could suggest I try next? Also I wondered if you had a view on investing in kids education – part of me thinks I should do everything I can reasonably afford but I can also convince myself that our kids shouldn’t get special privileges and will learn resilience in a less good school, plus it will benefit them if we are not overly stretched financially. The net result is indecision, which I know is not a useful place to be. Thank you so much!