Model help

I am disappointed in myself today because of my choices last night to over drink, eat unhealthy snacks before bed and watch The Office instead on working on my manuscript edits, drink tea and not snack.  Today I feel lousy both physically, mentally and spiritually.  At the time I chose those activities because I wanted to feel pleasure.  I knew I would regret it but did it anyway.  This would be a classic example of buffering, right?  And the emotion I was buffering might have been discipline to stick to my plan to reach a massive goal I’ve been working on for over a year and getting so close to publishing.  I have an editor working with me so I feel even worse not being more diligent in the final stretch.  And on top of everything I know I am beating myself up which is not helpful.

Unintentional model:
C-My choices last night
T-I wanted to experience pleasure last night
A-Over drank, ate unhealthy snacks I love, watched The Office, blew off working on my book
R-I experienced pleasure last night and now feel lousy in all ways today

Intentional model:
C-My choices tonight
T-I want to feel good about myself tomorrow morning
A-Work on book, drink tea, no snacking
R-I will feel good about myself and my choices in the morning