Model help.

Hello coaches.

Something came up this week and I am looking for some input on my model.

C: Sophie said “the girl won’t share her doll”
T: She shouldn’t leave Sophie out/exclude her
F: upset
A: make excuses for her for not sharing/including her, try to distract her with something else, guide her away from trying to continue to interact with this girl, judge little girl and her mom (because she doesn’t “make” her daughter “be nice”), don’t enjoy my time at park because I’m on the lookout for more “danger”
R: I’m not being nice (to myself or them)?

Struggled with this result as it doesn’t necessarily correlate to my thought.

C: Sophie said “the girl won’t share her doll”
F: loving
A: acknowledge her disappointment and don’t try to talk her out of it, remind her sometimes she doesn’t like to share and that’s OK, redirect her to find “her people” who do want to play
R: I show up as a loving supportive Grandma (not sure of the thought to go into this model)

My fear of her feeling hurt or sad because she wasn’t being included made me aware there is some work to do here. I intellectually know the little girl doesn’t hurt my granddaughter’s feelings, but trying to articulate that to a 4 year old caught me off guard.
As always thanks for the help!