Model help

Hello coaches. Looking for input in the R in my model. Just getting awareness of this model helped me HUGE but I am curious if I’ve got the R line nailed down here?

C: pregnancy weight
T: I don’t want her to make the same mistakes I did and gain a lot of weight
F: concerned
A: worry about what she’s eating, judge her eating, don’t share her joy in her joy eats
R: I am assuming I didn’t do pregnancy weight gain right or my weight gain was a mistake???

This model assumes a couple of things which I became aware of:
1. if she does gain “too much” weight during her pregnancy she is not me and she may or may not experience the same emotions I did (shame/disappointment)
2. Even if she does gain “too much” weight, me worrying about it and obsessing over her eating isn’t preventing her from eating however she chooses, but it is preventing me from being present and enjoying watching her navigate this amazing time in her life
3. Even if she does gain “too much” and is unhappy or disappointed with herself, the only thing I’m worried about is her potential future negative emotion.

Making peace with these potential/possible negative emotions is something that I am really working on. Through this work I have certainly learned this is where A LOT of my suffering comes from. Fifty + years with the idea that negative emotion is bad and should be avoided or thwarted at all costs. The idea that there are times where it proves to be more beneficial than detrimental is something I am beginning to learn and believe.

Thanks in advance for the input and wisdom!