Model help

Hello coaches: I am trying to understand/improve my models but need a bit of guidance. This isn’t a life shattering model but I am trying to improve my ability to do them and see them working in my day to day life.

My circumstance in this model may need some tweaking.

C: baby shower invite
T: she didn’t think enough of me to invite me to the shower
F: inferior
A: ruminate, question myself, overcompensate by trying to control her opinion of me
R: I question my value/worth

C: baby shower invite
T: she had her reasons for not inviting me which had nothing to do with me
F: content
A: reach out to find out how to get a gift to the new parents, don’t make this about me
R: be genuinely happy for them for being able to celebrate this event in their life

I can have a lot of thoughts about why she would not have invited me (she can only invite so many during the pandemic, she was keeping it small and intimate, it was last minute etc) but these are all focused around her actions and I would prefer to find a model that is focused around my thoughts and feelings about myself (ie: lets say hypothetically she intentionally chose not to invite me to the shower). This is where I want to do the work. I feel if I can improve my models on the simpler issues it will only benefit me when doing them on the bigger issues in my life. As always I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you