Model help about son threatening to kill himself

My 15-year-old son has different psych disorders, and he regularly tells his brother and I that he wants to kill himself. He is followed at hospital and by a psychiatrist. In a coaching session, my coach asked a question about it. I’m stuck because I think I’m really worrying and emotional at the same time. So could you help me on my model please ?

C : thinking about my son threatening us to kill himself after a coach asked me a question about him getting a reward (not sure this C is really neutral )
T he may get a reward
F guilty
A feeling bad just thinking about this possibility
Resisting the idea
Judging myself for just considering this possibility
Not really allowing myself to consider this idea
Refusing it
Trying to convince the coach that he’s suffering so much that this is even not a problem if he may get a reward or not
Not allowing myself to see the possible effect of this
Blaming people (coach, ex husband…) for just considering this idea
Shifting to “even if it’s true, he’s suffering so much so it’s not the point”
I act towards him by not daring to set proper boundaries, avoiding risks of verbal fights by asking things from him
R : ?

I know I have to check for mirroring in my Result line so I am asking myself in which way I’m mirroring, but I’m confused.

Thank you for your help !