Model help (and a thank you) follow up question

Thank you so much for your reply – this is really helpful. I’d like to ask a follow up as I’ve been puzzling over how to work with these thoughts that really tap into our worst fears.
I do understand (intellectually only!) that the thought in the UM is one that I am choosing. I am trying to think of other thoughts that I could choose instead but I feel totally stuck. I can’t see another thought that I could have. When I think “what do I want to make the article mean?” I just think “there’s nothing else I can make it mean. What I want is to feel ok”.
I know I have to change my thoughts to feel ok but when my brain is finding evidence to fuel my worst fears and can only see that evidence how do I work with this? Do I try and counter the current ‘evidence’ with contrary evidence (which I can’t seem to find because I can’t see it). Or do I try and work out why I am choosing not to see any other evidence? Or do I do ladder thoughts but these only seem to get me part of the way there (I can say “I notice I am thinking….” but I can’t get beyond this). Or do I just say “this is my brain spinning” and not rush to change it (which still leaves the UM thought unchallenged). I think I am missing something here.