Model help (and a thank you)

I would love some help on a model. I’m having problems finding the neutral in this ‘c’.

C read an article which says that woman’s fertility declines after 35.
T I am 37. I will never have a child and I will be unhappy forever. I have ruined my life.
F want to cry. Devastated
A buffer and distract
R I am very unhappy

C read an article which says that woman’s fertility declines after 35.
T I am not going to let a newspaper article derail my day. I’m in charge here.
F calmer
A go about my day
R don’t let article get in the way

I feel like the IM is slightly side stepping the issue. I do feel better and take different actions but I know the UM is nagging away at the back of my brain and I don’t feel I have an answer to it. I feel like I am trying to outrun the original thought all day. I don’t really believe the ‘c’ is neutral. How can I get to this point? Or do I just need to accept that I feel sad about this and feel the sadness?

And I also wanted to say a huge thank you for SCS (though ‘thank you’ does not quite seem to cover it). I have just become a VIP and have truly learned so much. My mind has been my enemy for most of my life but I am (very) slowly starting to see how powerful it is and how I can use it to serve me. It is very much a case of two steps forward one step back but that’s ok. The opportunity to engage with this material daily and to get feedback regularly (via calls, this forum etc) has made all the difference in my ability to stick with it and really understand how these tools work. For the first time in my life I am starting to believe that I can create my own happiness and create the future that I want. I can see myself actually taking steps to DO things differently (amazing!) and that gives me a sense of confidence I have never had before (even despite tripping up regularly over thoughts like the one in my model).