Model help – asking my T’s questions

Hello !

So I’ve watched the mastering the model episode from this month with Natalie and I’ve asked my thoughts some questions to probe deeper into what’s behind my thinking. But I’m ending up with a longer lists of thoughts, following my chosen thought for the model, and wondering what I do from there. Do I do a model on each other thought? Because that seems very long!

I’ll explain what I mean:
C: I see coaches on Instagram advertising their services
T: The market is too saturated
(I asked Natalie’s questions)
o How is it possible that it’s true? A = There’s hundreds of thousands of life coaches offering their services to people
o How is it possible that it isn’t true? A: Everybody in the world has a mind that needs to be managed, and there are more people than coaches
o If it’s true, why is it a problem? A = Because nobody will need my services and I’ll have to do a job I’m not passionate about
(Then I asked that last thought the following questions)
o Will you? Is the option become a life coach or do something you don’t enjoy? What creates passion? A: I guess it isn’t true, I could do something else I enjoy if the world doesn’t need more life coaches

And then I’m wondering what I do next. Do I use these answers in someway to create intentional models?

Thanks for your help 🙂