Model Help- can you review these?

Model 1: I have ADD and sometimes my executive functioning (thinking through tasks) takes longer.

Model 2: two consecutive situations at work. Can you give a quick review?

Model 1:
C: I have ADD,
T: I struggle and suck at organizing & planning
F: frustrated
A: avoid planning
R: Im continue to not get tasks done

C: I Have ADD
T: I can plan, it just takes practice and creating systems. You can do it.
F: secure/able
A: look for systems to help me problem solve
R: I become a more effective planner

Model 2-3 I had a situation where i dropped the ball at work & frustrated my co-worker. I felt stupid and found myself avoiding him. Now, I need to send another email to the same co-worker to clarify some dates i may have misconnunicated on.. But ive been avoiding it bc i think he will be annoyed and judge me.

Part 1:
C: I made mistake in communicating, causing my co-worker to be upset
T: co-worker thinks im incompetent, disorganized
F: emberrased/ feel stupid
A: judge myself
R: avoid my Co-worker

New thoughts
C: I made mistake in communication at work causing my coworker to be upset
T: Its ok to make mistakes, id be frustrated too
F: compassion/acceptance
A: let go of the mistake and think through new questions to ask my brain
R: better sense of self

Questions for my brain:
What could i have done differently?
How can i better plan so it doesnt happen again?
Do i need to communicate with my co-worker anything to smoothe over this past interaction & keep this relationship strong?

Next situation:
C: I am confused & need clarity on project with same co-worker who was frustrated before
T: he thinks im incompetant and will be annoyed
F: fear of rejection
A: avoid sending email
R: no clarity

C: i am confused & need clarity on project with same co-worker who was frustrated before
T: my coworker may or may not be annoyed, but its important to get clarity, i can take action despite his response or my past
F: confident
A: send email
R: have clarity on project