Model Help – Dare of the Day

Hi There, I was hoping you can help me with my model when I have a thought about what someone else will think. For example, today’s dare is to ask for a discount at the make up store.
C – Dare of the Day/Asking for Discount
T – They will think I’m a cheap skate
F – Embarrassed
A – Either don’t complete dare of the day or approach DOD not feeling confident. Discouraging Self Talk.
R – ?
My initial thought is that my result is not feeling embarrassed so all is good, LOL.

I know T about what others think are often judgments of ourselves, but I don’t think that of myself. I just don’t want anyone else to think that of me which is the problem I should explore, I’m aware. But in terms of this model would the impact R that proves my thought be “I’m being a Cheap Skate with opportunity for growth”? Or should I be asking myself more questions to get an underlying thought and not have someone else in my model?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks so much in advance.