Model help – Daughters lost work and my reactions.

Hello, Can you pls help with my model I am having some challenges with.
My daughter lives over seas, so away from us. Has just lost her next 6 months work. She is a freelance artist and does not know when more work will come. She is very stressed, worried and negative. I have tried to be positive when I talk to her, but she challenges everything I say. Does not want to believe it will be okay.
So I need some help as to how I handle my own thoughts. This is what I have so far:

C – Daughters lost 6 months work she is devastated and negative.
T – I am worried about her, I feel for her, she is so negative. I wish she’d see some positive outcomes as there are many options for her. Her friends are doing amazing things to get by. She doesn’t do this because she is a perfectionist and won’t put anything out there unless its 100% perfect. I have talked to her about Brookes B+, but its not helping.
F – Frustration
A – I try to tell her about all the wonderful things that she could do be doing this time. This doesn’t help.
R – She gets frustrated with me and tells me I dont know.

C – Daughters lost 6 months work she is devastated and negative.
T – She will be okay, its her journey, she will get thru this.
F – Contented
A – Listen to her, support her, tell her its okay.
R – She talks more, I feel happier, I don’t feel anxious about her, we build our relationship.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.