Model help – Day 4 of enjoying being you

Day 4 questions are “how should your past Have been different than it was? Etc

It asks do a model on your thoughts about your past. Notice how it makes you feel.

I’m not really seeing a result here other than I’m ashamed of it so I avoid talking about it with my kids. Both are deceased so I see no point in making them dislike or judge them – even tho I may still judge them. And for the record i loved them deeply i just wish we showed it openly.

C – Past
T – I wish I didn’t grow up in a dysfunctional family surrounded by alcohol
F – ashamed
A – don’t talk about it (parents are deceased), pretend it wasn’t that way, not showing up authentically??
R – ?

And because I had many thoughts here is another one

C – Past
T – I wish my parents would of been involved more in my life when I was young and Higher education was an Encouraged or even just direction and involvement in my life when I was little/teen. I was on my own with life.
F – disappointed
A – I blame and judge them. I do know they gave me way more than they grew up with. I know this intellectually but still wish it were different
R – ?