Model help dealing with my tantruming toddler

Being a mother has been the most challenging, emotional journey of my life. Being an entrepreneur, wife, traveler, friend, business owner.. all seem so easy by comparison.

I have a very challenging 2 yr old. He has many, many tantrums throughout the day. Our Pediatrician agrees he is likely on the extreme end of normal. So, it is what it is.

I’m struggling for a new outlook on his behavior. The “this will pass” mentality doesn’t cut it – each age brings a new set of challenges and I would like to work towards enjoying our life now as it is versus wishing,waiting for him to be done with the 2s & 3s.

C son tantrums 2 dozen times each day
T I can handle this
F confidence
A power through
R no negative feelings

C son tantrums
T he was made to be mine
F love
A patience with his feelings
R ?

Thank you!