Model help – dreams

Would love some advice on this model!

Unintentional model:
C – ageing
T – the things I want most in life are not available to me (youth, beauty, children, true love, dream home etc)
F – disappointed
A – shut down true dreams
R – unfulfilled

My thought is not serving me but I haven’t figured out which direction to go with a new model.

Intentional thoughts I have considered are:
– I already have the things most important to me (health, sight, fresh air clean drinking water, family)
– My dreams are because of the way they will make me feel, and I can pursue those feelings instead of the impossible dreams
– I can be beautiful youthful & in love at any age
– I can use massive action to pursue dreams that seem impossible
…each of these takes me in very different directions. Any thoughts on which is more useful?