Model help for June weight loss.

Hi, I have rejoined Self Coaching Scholars specifically to do the June weight loss course with Brooke – have struggled with weight for years and am in despair about it. It’s a day before June and I am worried sick that I won’t make the most of it and blow this opportunity – and waste a lot of money! I am working through this model and would love some help.

Unintentional Model
C: signed up for June weight loss
T: I’ll blow this
F: despair.
A: give up, don’t fully commit, buffer with food, beat myself up, worry about wasting money.
R: Don’t lose weight.

I am trying to turn this around obviously! My question is the Thought line. What I have is.

Intentional Model
C: signed up for June weight loss
T: I fully commit to this one month program.
F: determined
A: plan food ahead of time, listen, and watch all classes, use urge jar method, track food daily, do daily models on weight loss.
R: Lose weight.

I’m just not sure if I can fully believe the Thought line! Is there an alternative that perhaps is more believable right now that will also leave me feeling determined? Any help much appreciated.