Model Help – from Insufficient to Loving

Hi coaches, I’d appreciate feedback on my models.

C – Daughter going on school field trip. Email from teacher says no jeans. Daughter says teacher told her nice jeans were OK if she doesn’t own any dress pants. I don’t buy any dress pants for the trip.
T – I should have bought her dress pants. Kids from ‘good’ families will be dressed up, which means I’m a bad mom.
F – Insufficient
A – Dwell in compare and despair thought loop. Visualize kids wearing nice, expensive clothes and daughter in jeans. Imagine teacher judging daughter.
R – I judge myself as unworthy and not a good mom.

I tried working on a new thought:
T – Daughter will wear a nice blouse with jeans, and that’s OK.

My brain fought hard to reject this thought and argued that there is nothing OK about this situation.

I switched gears and went with the new thought in this IM, and instantly changed my emotional state
C – same
T – What daughter is wearing means nothing about her value or my worth as a person or mom. She is worthy and I am worthy no matter what.
F – Loving (physically felt tension releasing with a deep breath)
A – Stop thinking about clothing for field trip. Think loving thoughts about daughter.
R – I know I’m worthy and believe I’m a loving mom.

The thought pattern in the UM is one that used to be very common for me but has become rare after 6 months in SCS. I was surprised to find myself in this UM tonight because it’s so unusual. But then I was also surprised at how quickly I went from feeling terrible to feeling loving and worthy after finding the thought in my IM. Is this just because the new thought pattern has become stronger? Would there have any benefit to sitting with the feeling in the IM longer, or is it fine to feel better so quickly with a new thought?