model help. How to filter something from a download.

This is what I wrote in my thought download, but it’s mixed already with feelings and actions and I don’t quite know what to pick for the model. Any insights would be helpful.

I feel really freaking annoyed and impatient. I feel needled. I feel pushed. Quit bugging me. Leave me the fuck alone. Gimme a break. Why is there always more that I have to do? There is never a time to just chill. It’s always either focusing and working and learning and then Netflixing out of resentment or self-pity or indulging in a break from the relentless showing up for all the things.
C noticing restlessness.
T there’s always more that I have to do/something to fix
F annoyed, pissed
A I say fuck it and chill with Netflix
R nothing changes in my to do list. Nothing gets fixed/resolved.

C noticing restlessness
T I wonder what would feel satisfying. I could go do that and then give myself a break.
F focused/intentional
A I tend to one thing on my list and then I give myself a real break.
R I feel both rested and satisfied, because I’m tending to what needs to do and tending to rest.