Model help: I’m not finding a thought that reflects a neutral circumstance

Here is the model I’m working on…

C: daughter said she’s not bringing mittens (on a week long school retreat in winter conditions)
T: she won’t be prepared and will be judged by teachers and volunteer parents
F: distress
A: I fight these “judging adults” in my mind over and over.
R: I am resisting and judging “them”

New model:
C: same
T: honestly, everything I come up with here seems like a thought trying to make a circumstance better. I tried on the thought “well, her hands will be cold all week, natural consequence”. And while I believe that thought, my brain still jumps to the other adults who won’t like my natural consequence for her. And it puts me back to trying to come up with a thought that makes me feel better about judging adults. Ugh! Any ideas? Thanks!!!