Model Help – Mom Issues

I just need some help with my model am I doing this right?

The other day I was feeling terrible and I walked downstairs and found my mom inside our garage walking in my house, she came over unannounced which is fine I want everyone to feel welcome in our home but when I was grumpy and didn’t want to chat, she was mad at me and left. I texted her later telling her that I had the flu and hope she didn’t get it. She she wrote back about herself and now she isn’t speaking to me.

Unintentional Model
C: My mom is mad and stopped talking to me
T: I shouldn’t of acted grumpy when she surprised me the other day
F: Guilty
A: Try really hard to be super nice to her
R: I have to behave a certain way for her to be kind to me.

Intentional Model
C: My mom is mad and stopped talking to me.
T: She has some issues she needs to work on
F: Indifferent
A: Be my happy self and keep living
R: I create my own happiness and am not responsible for making or keeping others happy.