MODEL HELP: "money only shows up by accident or to rescue me" "when i have it, I don’t manage it well."

I have a recurring feeling/thought about how money comes into my life as “unexpected” or as a “windfall,” or as a “handout”
The only way I got cash regularly growing up was through occasional gifts or loans from grandparents. I never saved much or invested.
Then, in my 30s, I invested a lot in my growth and business — but hit the plateau when it came to “cash in” on the value I’d provide.
I was stuck in only offering free, and either charging way too much to the few clients i had, or delivering much more than I should and would shortchange my revenue.

C. irregular, insufficient income
T. Something will work out, money will show up
F. Insecure, disempowered, disconnect from money
A. Get busy doing lots of little things to bring in money, but not focused. Also avoid discussing money with my husband as it’s a taboo we BOTH avoid. often:(*
R. Stressed, unsure about where money will come from.

Clearly that’s not constructive.

I want to earn good money easily, but on purpose. As I lean into offering my services more widely, what are good thoughts to shift into this?

New Model:
C. irregular, insufficient income with a desire to stabilize and exponentially grow my recurring revenue.
T. We’ve been here before and I know what to do: I already have things to sell and I’m confident it will work because my customers and clients get so much value from what I offer so it’s easy to offer and sell out my offers.
F. more confident but still unsure….
A. 50% believe it can work. 50% afraid I’m just BSing myself so won’t share offer consistently and thinks I need to find a job!
R. Super unfocused. Inconsistent.

Model… Starting by R line
C. Need to create regular income
T. Seems its now up to me to take control of this situation and make the money i need
F. Urgency: It’s my time to do this!
A. Am consistent in offering my work to the right audience in all the ways I know how (ads, posts, personal invite, etc..)
R. I earn at least 4k/month and it’s growing

Would love some feedback — i feel I’m skipping some steps