Model Help – Negative thoughts

C: took pictures this weekend
T: I look so fat!
F: self loathing
A: Feel bad about myself, withdraw, and want to just lay in bed and feel like shit about myself
R: ??? I have a hard time figuring out what my result is. I guess maybe buffer with food, however I didn’t do that, but that’s what I would do in the past. After the thought and some self loathing, I told myself to stop the negative talk, I am doing something about it and it takes time.

C: Took pictures this weekend
F: confidence
R: Keep progressing with my goal to lose weight

I need help with IM. I really want to stop the negative self talk and I know it doesn’t happen over night, I just need to know what my thought is to do that… Every thought I put in there doesn’t create confidence. (You aren’t there yet, but you are working towards your goal.)
How do I get the thought out of my head that I don’t like how I look right now?