model help – no sugar or flour

Hi there! I have about 5 more pounds I’d like to lose (I’ve lost about 25 lbs so far) and I am finding that there are many things coming up for me that I didn’t really deal with initially. Recently I have been feeling bummed that food doesn’t really “do it” for me anymore – I used it to buffer for so long, and now I am more aware of when this comes up and recognizing that buffering with food TRULY doesn’t serve me. I know this sounds crazy, but it feels like saying goodbye to a dysfunctional friend (in my head I am hearing Brooke say “Food doesn’t give a F!$# about you, it just sits there” and I know it’s not really a friend). I ran an unintentional and an intentional model and was wondering if you could comment on it?
C: No sugar or flour
T: I’m sad I can’t eat it or use it anymore to buffer
F: Bummed, disappointed
A: RESIST cravings, idealize when I did eat it to buffer
R: Stay stuck in old mindset

NEW model:
C: No sugar or flour
T: It never really served me, even though I thought it did.
F: Committed
A: Allow the restlessness, learn not to buffer, find things that do serve me
R: Stay at my healthy, happy weight.

Thank you so much for everything.