Model Help. Not feeling good about my Intentional Model.

Hi! Just wanted to submit a model for help because it’s just not feeling right. I think I have the unintentional model (maybe) but the intentional one I’m just not sure about. Here’s the back story…. I have a newborn baby boy who is perfectly healthy, but I’m in fear that something bad could happen because of the following. I have two friends in the last two weeks that have had miscarriages. I heard a story about a baby in my area dying in his crib. I watched a show where a baby dies in the night in her crib. I hear these things and feel sick. Then I think: what if they happen to me. It upsets me because it makes me wonder if all these things are signs of something coming; because why am I hearing it all now.

C I hear stories from other people or movies about babies.
T What if something bad happens to my baby.
F. Fear
A looping thoughts of worry
R sick feeling in my stomach

Intentional Model
C same
T This is my brain’s tiny mad idea and I don’t have to believe it. I trust life.
F Conscious
A Smile at my crazy mind and move on
R Getting back to living my life