Model Help November

I notice when I do models that I struggle sometimes with finding the result especially tying it back to the thought. Can an action be a result?

I need help with figuring out the results in the following models.


C-kids respond, “what?” after I make request

T-I hate repeating myself


A-raise my voice, yell, blame them for things not getting done, complain

R-??? (Repeat in a loud voice? Can an action be a result?)

Intentional model:

C-kids respond “what?”

T-They must not have heard me


A-say again in a calm voice

R-calm tone???

Also, could you help me figure out a new thought for the intentional model. I must need to really get over the thought “I hate repeating myself” because I couldn’t put even put “repeat myself” in the action line in the Intentional Model because it triggered such a negative feeling for me. Thanks for your help!