Model help on a Sister in Law

I want to be better than my sister in law. I want to have the better house, the better car, be skinnier, and have the better kids. This is something I would never admit to anyone. Hard to admit o myself. My rational brain knows this is ridiculous but this is where I need help with my models.

C: Sister in Law
T: I want my sister in law to be jealous of me
F: Insecure ?
A: act Inauthentic
R: ?

C: same
T: I’m no better than her, we are all the humans, I don’t need to try to impress her ??
F: Love, Confiendent
A: show up authentic and love her
R: connection and an authentic relationship

I would like help with my feeling in my unintentional model. I’m not sure how to describe what I feel when I’m wanting to control how she thinks of me. I know I’m coming from a place of insecurity but is that a feeling?
Also not sure what result I’m creating, an inauthentic relationship ship probably but does hat prove my thought?
On my intentional model I’m trying to find a better thought that will create that feeling and result.