Model help on lost house offer bid

We put an offer on a house yesterday and lost the bid. We really liked the house, but we weren’t even in the top 60% of 11 offers. I am experiencing a mix of emotions around it (which is normal and I’m accepting/processing them). One of those is Anger. Can I get some help on the R line of this model?

C: Bid on house
T: My agent’s assessment of the winning offer was way off.
F: Anger
A: Ruminate over decisions we made. Blame myself for letting her input override my instincts. Discuss possibility of changing my agent (She is great, but this has me questioning it). Go over all offer discussions from last week. Text my agent a slightly passive aggressive note (I think I am looking for her to explain where this went wrong).
R: ??

I am unable to see how results tie back to the main thought in this model. I am OK about losing the house, but still not OK with this point about my agent. Any guidance on the best way to process this? I don’t want to be stuck in indecision/doubt about my agent and second guess myself as we continue to search.