Model Help Please

As part of my massive action to counter a conflicting sentence I’m attempting to do a model so I can identify the thoughts I’m having regarding a pattern I’ve created at work. I’m seriously struggling with the model. Could you help please?

The nature of my work is project based. I have a set number of projects that are to be processed every week (based on a contractual term so its set). These projects need to be processed for the data to be available for management use. On top of that I’m fielding managements requests related to that data. I often arrive with a plan only to have it changed by a management request for immediate delivery that can take hours to even a full week. I can seem to find the R (or an R that proves my T) . . . Do I need to separate the thoughts into more than one model?

C – boss makes a request

T – This is total bullshit. She always waits until the last minute. I never get to do what I have planned then she wonders why I’m behind. I hate being at their beck and call. I hate how my body feels with all the adrenaline and then I feel exhausted the next day. I do all this to myself and, in the end, I’m delivering a crappy work product.

F – pissy, grumpy, dread

A – force myself to do it

R – resent her???