Model help – sick nanny

My nanny called in sick today (and many prior days) and I suspect this person is not actually sick (judgement, I know). My husband had to take the day off of work since we determined it would be easier for him to do this than me. I’m having all kinds of negative thoughts that aren’t serving the situation, and trying to turn them around but my IM feels funny/wrong – can I get a hand?

C: Nanny called in sick
T: “Really? I don’t believe this” “Husband is going to be irritated and resentful that he has to take time off again”
F: Irritated at nanny, worried about husband’s reaction
A: using uncompassionate tone w/ nanny, and meek/apologetic tone with husband
R: Husband stays home with little-to-no gratitude from me? I feel irritated? (not really sure how to make this not just a repeat of the F line)

IM: C: Same
T: “nanny is struggling today” “Husband is also struggling today” “Husband is showing up for me and our family”
F: Love, compassion
A: Show up for husband tonight with appreciation and acts of kindness
R: I feel love? (again, not really sure how to make this an R and not just a repeat of F)