Model Help, stuck in an denial model

C: Backlog of unfinished files
T: I don’t want it to exist
F: Aversion
A: Avoid thinking about it, do other things, Deny itโ€™s existence
R: Nothing but backlog exists for you
(she is choosing to allow backlog to exist and not her alternative dreams/future creating a vicious cycle that can entrap her. By constant avoidance she will create an all consuming backlog and no other future.

Intentional Model
C: Backlog
T: I acknowledge that I have a Backlog
F: Accepting
A: aware that I have a Backlog to deal with
Step into action to address the Backlog
Be responsible for my backlog
R: I accept responsibility for the Backlog

Is this a clean model?
I liken it to an alcoholic who denies that they have a drinking problem. By denying they have the problem that cannot address it so continue to create an existence where they have a drinking problem.

Would appreciate the help thanks ๐Ÿ™‚