Model help – taking good care of myself

Help with this model, please?

C. Taking good care of myself
T. It’s too hard and unnecessary
F. Unwilling
A. I don’t take care of my appearance which bothers me. I don’t do my hair. I don’t do anything special with make up. I don’t switch up my jewelry/accessorise. I wear old cheap sunglasses rather than my designer pair. I keep my old phone with cracks even though I’m due a free upgrade. I eat junk food and judge myself for doing so. I wear jeans and whatever is easy.I don’t dress up. I wear flats. I don’t buy or ask for (bday/Christmas gift) a new watch. I don’t stay up to date on trends. I don’t do my nails or go for any type of beauty appointments/treatments. I compare myself to others. I feel bad about myself. I hold myself back and judge myself. I imagine others judging me and feel confused about / question how I ended up like this and that it will always be the same. I imagine (husband) must think badly of me and often project that and pick fights with him, claiming he patronises me and that we have an “adult/child” relationship
R.I make it hard for myself, and I don’t create “necessary” reasons (to dress up, take care of myself etc…)

Does this seem correct? Thank you!