Model help – trying to conceive

Hi Brooke and team,
Can you please help me with my models below?
My circumstance is that I’ve been trying to conceive for 8 months now with no pregnancy. In working through the homework for this month, I’m trying to identify how I’d like to feel about this and in doing an unintentional model vs. an intentional one, I’ve settled on disappointed. I don’t want to be happy about this circumstance. I’ve picked disappointed as something that is unwanted but that I need to feel right now. I’m also not clear on whether my results are correct in my models. Can you help?

Unintentional model:
C: 8 months trying to conceive
T: I wish I was pregnant right now
F: frustrated
A: Ruminate, spend time wishing things were different than they actually are
R: I create more frustration for myself

Intentional model:
C: 8 months trying to conceive
T: I’m disappointed I’m not pregnant yet and that’s OK
F: disappointed
A: I allow myself to be present with this emotion and be disappointed; I don’t dwell on it.
R: I am calm in my situation