Model Help Tying R to T

Hello Beautiful Scholar Coaches!

I’m having some trouble tying the R back to the T in this Unintentional Model…

C: he said “What I want doesn’t matter, I only want what you want”
T: people pleasers are liars, he’s lying
R: annoyed
A: isolate, don’t enjoy his company, overthink/do the work/models, TD’s but I’m exhausted by it
R: disconnect

Naturally I’m trying to find where in fact I’m the people pleaser in this Model to tie back to the T, where am I lying to myself? I’m having trouble seeing it. I can’t stand it when he says this (and I know it’s my thought that’s the reason I can’t stand it). I know he’s not aware that he’s people pleasing so I can intentionally get to a Model where I’m like ok, he’s just trying to “make me happy” and he doesn’t know the Model or this work and that’s OK. But I want to understand this UM first. THANKS!