Model Help – Weight Loss

Hi coaches!
I am struggling with my model today and am looking for help. I’m struggling with the thought that this is never going to work for me. I have thoughts that I should just be happy with my current weight because it is healthy and whenever I try to lose weight it causes me to binge/restrict. I feel like weight loss just isn’t in the cards for me and that I am on a fool’s errand. I hit a low weigh in last week, ended up eating off protocol 2 days over the weekend and haven’t been able to shake the extra weight even though I went back to protocol this week. I’m frustrated!

C – Up 3 lbs from last week
T – Weight loss is hard. Weight loss is impossible. I am never going to figure this out.
F – angry
A – eat off protocol bc what’s the point
R – stay the same because I am making weight loss hard

C – up 3 lbs from last week
T –
F –
A –
R –

Any help with my intentional model would be awesome. As always – thank you for your help! I appreciate it more than you know.