Model help with husband

HI – I’m all kinds of frustrated right now and I get that is a choice. We live in a townhome neighborhood. My husband likes to walk on a shady path at the edge of the neighborhood with our dog and it happens to be right near all these front doors of our a few buildings. We have one neighbor who has my husband on her ring doorbell, video and says she has the police on speed dial if it happens again. She is afraid of my husband.

Here are my models:

C-Husband walked on neighbors porch while walking our dog & one neighbor is angry. This neighbor has video of my husband on her property and she has the police on speed dial due to my husband’s trespassing.
T-I would like my husband to walk in other places, so it doesn’t cause any confrontations with wacko neighbors
A-ask him to avoid that one path
R-still frustrated because he doesn’t see a problem.

Intentional model:
C-Husband is walking on path in front of people’s front doors
T-He gets to do what he wants and deal with the consequences
F-Still frustrated
A-let my husband be who is he is, because I don’t have any other choice
R-keep stewing

I can’t seem to get to a place of genuine acceptance for my husband and his path walking choices 🙂 I just feel like I could solve this problem so easily if he wasn’t being stubborn. I know intellectually I can’t control other people and the universe so I’m stuck. Please help.