Model Help with R Line – Buying House


My parents’ neighbor is selling his house and it is a house my husband and I would want to buy (and make our own) if we could afford it, which we can’t at the moment. My parents would like to buy the house as an investment property (to improve it and then sell it in a few years), but the price is a little out of reach for them too. The idea of buying the house together has been floated around – and then we would sell it and both my parents and me and my husband would make money. The idea of buying the house together and then my husband and I buying my parents out in a few years has been floated around too (they would still make a return on their investment, though not as much). I would only want to do the latter option (buy the house with my parents and then buy them out) but it seems like my mom prefers the former idea – in which, we’d make improvements but my husband and I would not end up with the house in the long run. I am trying to run a model on this so that I don’t show up stressed when we discuss these options, but I am struggling. Here is what I have:

C: Mom said the house would be a good investment.
T: I don’t want to buy it as strictly an investment property – I want to eventually buy them out so the house can be mine in a few years.
F: Distressed
A: Have a bad attitude during our conversations, put my interests first without hearing my parents out?
R: ??