Model help – Yoga Teacher doesn’t believe in Vaccines.

I have just found out that my Yoga Teacher does not believe in Vaccines. This goes against everything I believe. My immediate thought was, oh gosh I don’t think I can continue to do her classes. She’s pregnant and has moved to a part of our country that has lots of people with similar views to her. I started to unravel her teachings. I don’t think it’s a good idea as a person trying to get business, that has such a large reach, teaching people from all over, should put their personal believes in her teachings. In my opinion its not good business practice. I’d like others opinions on this?

Even though before this I have really enjoyed her classes. She’s now posting on Social Media about her views. Which I do not agree with. I understand these are her views and I have mine and that’s okay…..
SO, How do I put all this in a model? I have started with:

C – Yoga Teacher is an Anti Vaxer
T – I don’t think I can do her classes, I cant listen to her any more. I don’t agree with her. I wish she’d keep these opinions to herself and not bring them into class.
F – Upset, Angry
A – Give up her classes, find another teacher.
R – Miss out on her Yoga classes that I previously enjoyed.

C – Yoga Teacher is an Anti Vaxer (or should I just put Yoga Teacher)?
T – That’s okay, that’s her opinion. I’m looking forward to getting fitter.
F – Happy,
A – Do more classes, get fitter
The challenge is, each time I take a class I see her and think about it. So I need to figure out how to not do that.