Model for illnesses that are unpredictable

Hi Brooke! Question…my sister who is very athletic has Chron’s disease. She asked me to informally coach her and I get a little stumped in terms of how to best use the Model for her issue. The night before an athletic event, she gets nervous/anxious that she will have an episode (horrible cramps and bowel episodes that last many hours) and then sometimes, but not always has an episode. Her thoughts are typically like “oh no, don’t want to have another episode so it doesn’t ruin my game” or “Why is this happening when I am going to do/participate in something fun and that I love?” Causing either fear of an episode and a lot of anger towards missing out, or potentially disappointing her team if she has to stay home. Also, worry that she will have an episode that would be embarrassing to her (she has to have access to a bathroom and a lot of the games are in the woods with gross bathrooms if she is lucky) I didn’t know if I should help her use the model regarding the anticipatory anxiety, or work towards acceptance of her body being unpredictable, (she seems resistant to the latter at this point in time). She keeps going to various doctors and wellness places, hoping to cure it, or reduce it significantly, but states that the nerves the night before have worsened. She is considering working with a coach, but just for my own coaching knowledge, what is the best course of action, when someone has an illness that is unpredictable and can cause them to “miss out” on events that they love, or be potentially” embarrassing” given the little warning her body gives her. Would love your insight here. Thanks so much. Signed caring sister and coach.