Model in Relatioships / Food

I am trying to compare my desire in a relationship to my desire for a brownie. I get a pretty good model with the relationship, but less so with the brownie.
C: My relationship with L
T: he is fun, exciting. My life is boring.
F: obsession
A: call excessively. Think about him all day
R: Rest of life suffers, don’t hang out with friends
(I neglect my life. Neglect what makes life fun and exciting)

Now the brownie:
C: Brownies at work
T: I want one. It will make me feel good. It is delicious
F: Desire
A: Eat it
R: Don’t honor my protocol
Don’t lose weight.

The “R” does not appear to reflect back on the “T.” What am I doing wrong with the brownie model?