Model Interrupted with Rebellion

Model help, please!

C: My laundry is not complete, and in piles I have not vacuumed in over two weeks, I haven’t changed the sheets on my bed in over two weeks, my kitchen counters are not clean.
T: This is a disaster. You should be ashamed.
F: Ashamed, Demotivated, Depressed
New Thought Introduces: I don’t have to be ashamed. I can do what I please.
F: Defiant, Rebellious, Motivated to do something else
A: Work on something else, but not the house
R: House in same state

I have a similar model around following my food plan, exercise, etc. I stop the feeling of shame and depression, but I don’t take action to get a new result.

Intentional model:
C: Condition of home
T: I would be much more comfortable in a clean living space
Feeling is … wistful, but not motivated

T: I am much more comfortable in a clean living space
I can feel my energy shift here.
I am more comfortable in a clean living space

T: I keep my living space clean because I make things comfortable for myself
I don’t quite believe that one yet.

What Feeling leads to taking action on chores??