Model For Job Search

At 56 years old, I lost my job last October. I am my family’s main breadwinner ($100K) and carry the benefits. I immediately saw the circumstance as positive and an opportunity for new possibilities. I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish during my unemployment while searching for a job and hit most of those goals. I hadn’t even discovered you yet but calendared my job search hours, other goal hours, etc. Five months later, I do not have a job, insurance for my family (married with one child) or income beyond unemployment. While I have remained optimistic and taken consistent action my desired result, a job with benefits, has not come through yet. I do not have a scarcity mentality. (I joined Scholars with no income: and I refuse to embrace ageism in the workplace as an excuse. Question: Is not having a job a thought or circumstance? I was treating it as a circumstance.
C: Lost job
T: Get another job with similar income and benefits
F: Excitement about a new opportunity
A: A little too much consuming in the beginning but consistent and varied actions in past months
R: Very few interviews

What do I need to change in my model? Thanks.