Model – Listening

Following feedback from my model- DAY 9 , I would like to change my thought from ‘ I am not a good listener’ to ‘I am learning to listen more’

In order to start to believe this new thought, I am trying to find ‘Bridge thoughts’ to help me achieve this.

Here is a list:

* I am not a good listener now, but it could change
* I have the ability to believe new thoughts with practice
* I can listen to an audiobook/a podcast attentively
* I can wait for my turn to speak up
* I could decide not to ask any questions at my next team meeting
* I can wait for a pause from speaker before starting to speak
* I can stop what I am doing when kids call my name and say ‘I am listening to you now’

Do you think those sentences above are “bridge thoughts” to get to believe my intentional model below:

C I interrupt people during conversations
T I am learning to listen more
F Proud
A I wait for a pause from speaker before starting to speak, I could summarise what have been said depending on context, I smile & nod my head, I am not given my opinion all of the time
R I listen to me and others

Thanks for feedback.