Model Mixing – AMD

Hi… I’m mixing models… can you help?

C: Scholars
T: I’m behind on my work
F: Pressure
A: Catch up
R: Not behind

So Not behind doesn’t prove my thought. But I’m behind on my work does make me feel pressure, and I tend to race to catch up on things in response to the pressure.

So not sure what the other model is….

Also, when writing a few sentences about pressure : Pressure causes me to act more rapidly and can be a catalyst for change. There is a tension that comes with it though that can lead to explosiveness – Action and Anger. I would like to break these apart.

My husband and I owned a Deli/ Restaurant for several years and I remember getting SO much done… but I was always riding an adrenaline high which carried with it a propensity to explode in anger easily.

The work around calendaring seems to uncover these old behaviors, when I say I have to finish something in one hour, I start to work quickly and with that comes this angry feeling. I would like to be able to pick up the pace and lose the anger but “I have to hurry” thoughts bring up anger. Suggestions?

Thanks so much! Amy

Oh, Thanks for your help on indulging :

New models
c:Weight plateau
T: I wonder what I’ve stopped doing or am not planning
C: curious
A: Look at prior successful months,
R: Figure out some actions that I need to reinstate (and yes… the scale moved today)

C: Not current w/ new technology
T: I’m not learning new coding principles because I don’t want to be a developer 5 years from now. I’m learning different skills because I’m getting ready for a career change.
F: Realistic, have my back
A: Continue to focus on skills in line with my five year plan. Let the others go
R: Change careers