model: no eating after dinner

I am working on cleaning up my thoughts around ass grabs while cooking dinner, eating an extra helping after dinner/ass grabs while cleaning up dinner/snacking after dinner. My protocol is breakfast: Coffee/heavy cream, lunch/dinner – no snacking, no sugar/flour and 1 joy eat per week (and cocktails when on the day’s protocol).
The model below is specific to after my meal is done. I often have the unconscious habit to pick at food while cleaning up dinner. As well as the urge to have extra helpings or start snacking on anything/everything.
C: Dinner is over
T: I want to eat more.
F: Unsatisfied
A: Pick at kids’ food (gross habit!), pick at left overs on stove, extra helping of dinner, snack on fruit, nuts or other junk around house (cereal – not even on protocol, ever!)
R: Didn’t honor commitment to self, not getting closer to goal weight, thoughts of failure/defeated

C: Dinner is over
T: Time to clean up dinner, yep – I may notice thoughts/feelings of desiring more food, but that won’t get me to my 113 goal
F: Deprived.
A: Resist Urge
R: Avoid eating for the night

This also brings up another model:
T: I will never get to 113 lbs, that is impossible.
F: Unachievable
A: Eat off protocol – snack, extra servings of dinner, etc.
R: gain weight – no closer to 113 lbs

My intentional model helps me bring awareness to my end goal of my future self, but the thought still creates feelings like I am resisting the urge not allowing the urge. Can you help me with some thoughts to try on to help me in those evening moments? I sometimes find my self stuck in the tornado of eating, and I have thoughts “this will not get me to my goal weight of 113”. But then my toddler brain just doesn’t care, it takes over and my logical brain loses? What questions should I be asking myself in these moments so I can dig deeper and find those hidden thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving me?