Model on a loss.

Brooke, I need help with this model. I lost four family members in a plane crash 2 1/2 years ago. I think about them daily, and it is still surreal to me. I have also really tried to find positives in the loss. For example, my parents are elderly, and when they pass I believe it will be easy compared to losing three young people ( 3 of the four were in their 20s), as the elderly passing is the natural order of things. My mother agrees and we have talked about it extensively. Another positive that has come of this is that I am able to talk with others that have suffered tragic losses in their lives, whereas that would not have been at all comfortable with this prior to the crash. Yet, when I try to do a model on the crash, it always seems to be negative. I struggle with the Result, it seems. Can you help me, please?

C- Four family members killed in plane crash
T- It’s surreal. I cannot believe this happened to my family. Incomprehensible.
F- Painful. Sad.
A- Reflect on the loss. Honor those lost with positive, fond memories.
R- Stay in melancholy around this.