Model on association’s invoice

Here is my model. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

C Received invoice from association
T They are such assholes
F Prejudiced
A When I go the original invoice with charges that stated they were legal fees with no documentation sent emails etc. No-one had any answers so I asked for documentation and two weeks went by. I wrote a letter and dropped it at the mgmt. office. Read the email with an invoice from a lawyer. Questioning my mind why I never received this before, remunerating…this is wrong…why do they need to treat us this way…they are unreasonable more thoughts of course Decided to do a model so I can settle down and not get upset and learn to control my thoughts. Know I need to respond by not in a state of pissed off and wanting to cry. Will answer as a ‘bad ass” soon. Don’t pay the “fine” right away even though money is not a problem…thank goodness,.
R By doing a model I am using it to serve me and keeping my right mind so I handle and follow through and not keep remunerating a story and not make it a dramatic problem.