Model on Attempted Fails for my Impossible Goal

Hi Coaches! I could use some help on a model I’m working on regarding my Impossible Goal. I’m reevaluating the 25 Attempted Fails I set for the first quarter (and stressing a bit (without indulging:)) because I haven’t come up with 25 Attempted Fails for the second quarter). I’m not “technically” seeing any progress in my goal of having my own successful writing business by December 2019, but I’m not stressing about that. I think somehow I will get there. I, of course, wish I had a really good GPS to get me there, but I believe each fail will show me the way.
Can you help me with this model? It’s the A & R lines that I’m having some trouble getting specific with. Now that I think of it, my F line could use a little work too! I’m learning this Month of Feelings that I’m not as in touch with my feelings as I thought I was! By the way, I’ve just been doing Intentional Models this month

C: My First Quarter Attempted Fails
T: Not getting the results I’ve wanted AS YET just means I’m human and a work-in-progress
F: purposeful (as in, every success and failure has a purpose)
A: keep doing my SCS work, Learn & Apply, keep attempting each fail, keep setting new attempted fails, be open to possibilities, trust the process, don’t give up, just keep going, and, of course, MANAGE MY MIND
R: I maintain a positive attitude while working toward my Impossible Goal.
Thank you all so much:)