Model on being late on my work

Hello, coaches!
Today I start the week with one main task to accomplish today (get a scientific presentation ready for a meeting later this week). My mind is very productive in offering me all sorts of reasons I would not be able to accomplish this task in the day, including the thought that I have many other things to attend to (it is true I have other things to do, but none is that urgent and important, so that is the one I planned to accomplish today).

Here is a model on one of these thoughts:

C: Workday. I have planned to get my presentation ready today.
T: I am late on so many things
A: Do not know what to work on anymore, “confused”, inhibited to work, do not breathe fully, no idea coming – blank mind, work on small nonessential tasks, buffer in food, buffer in small tasks at work, watching series at night to avoid feeling anxious, do not progress in the big projects and on important deadlines, unfocussed, get tired by being stressed and tensed, feel exhausted and without the “right” energy to practice the presentation
R: not progressing on anything: I am  making myself late on my work and goals

Instead, I want to summon my future self who has been able to brilliantly do this presentation, and use her experience to fuel my work with her feelings.
I found that she thinks “I mastered it”, “this was super fun”, “I was on the stage and in control” “I made our results super clear and transmitted the excitement about them” and “I gave value to our results and our team”. I found that she feels relieved, but also excited, proud, empowered, in charge, and amazing.
Should I now just try to “summon” these feelings on purpose all along the day to keep me moving in the right direction?

Thank you in advance for your feedback on the unintentional model and the next, intentional, process.